Mission and values

In the scope of our activities we encourage and support policies and practices which contribute to social responsibility of all actors in the global development and to a higher encouragement of human rights for all people.

At our work we use an interdisciplinary and professional approach and strive for continuous training and education of ourselves as well as of the general public.


VALUES that guide our activities:

  • INTEGRITY: We understand integrity as coherence, authenticity, honesty and credibility at all levels. On a personal level, integrity means speaking what you think and doing what you say, in accordance with moral norms and applicable law. Integrity of organization are its employees with their personal integrity, acting in accordance with ethical norms and values ​​of the organization as well of the applicable law;
  • MUTUAL RESPECT AND DIALOGUE: we recognize diversity as the key value and we strive for mutual respect, based on an open dialogue without creation of differences or discrimination of any kind, among all actors;
  • DIGNITY AND EMPOWERMENT: we respect dignity and our endeavour is to ensure that all people have equal opportunities and conditions which contribute to the shaping of their own future;
  • COOPERATION AND INTEGRATION: we connect people, projects and ideas that strive for structural changes and elimination of the key causes for inequality between people and regions of the world; we strive for equal partnership based on mutual learning, support and cooperation among all stakeholders;
  • RESPONSIBILITY: we encourage the responsibility of all actors at all levels of society to contribute to a long-term and a more balanced development and to a society which recognizes equal dignity and rights for all people; we strive for our own responsible actions towards all our stakeholders as well as towards the environment;
  • KNOWLEDGE AND INNOVATION: we upgrade the existing knowledge and expirience in an innovative, flexible and professional way, and we furthermore strive for sharing good practice among different disciplines and social actors;


In our work we focus on the importance of human rights for the improvement of development cooperation effectiveness, on increasing the level of social responsibility of all actors of the society and we explore changes that these  rights make in the lives of excluded individuals.

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